CLIENTS: Artists and photographers
DATE: November 2016
TIMEFRAME: 1 month
TOOLS:Pen and paper, Skype, UXpin, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Google Docs. 
DELIVERABLES: Personas, sitemap, user flow, annotated wireframes, logo, business card, imagery, web design. 
MY ROLE: User and competitor research, personas, sketching, wireframing, sitemap, user flow, visual design, branding, usability testing.

This project is an editorial-style portfolio website conceived more as a visual experience than an informational website. Clean visuals set the tone of the artists’ work and aim to create a lasting impression on site visitors, increasing network opportunities.


After much research, I was able to narrow down users’ main goals, such as finding an artist who is able to provide a service based on a specific task. Two personas were created for this project. Josh is one them. He represents the professional, trendy user whose goal is to make a statement with his upcoming new film.



This sitemap was intended to be accessible for the user while preventing time-wasting navigation. As the project evolved, it required some tweaks.


Clean, editorial-style layouts focus attention on the visuals. These wireframes are devoid of any unnecessary embellishments, creating a visual silence that encompasses the Zen spirit in its pursuit of stillness and mindfulness.  


The brand personality is Zen, the artist is inspired by a clean minimalistic Japanese style aesthetic.  Like a sigh, focused on one single point at a time, every image is the length of a breath. There is a visually strong colour correlation: gentle, pastel, faded lomographic colours wash every image. The font, Josefin Sans, enhances this clean, crisp, ultra modern look. “I want the user to sigh with my visuals,” the artist says.



Representing the circular and iterative process of the artist, the logo shows the eternal cycle of the breath, of inhaling and exhaling, of all duality, a cycle that the artist is perpetually trying to reconcile through his work. The diamond shapes are those moments of epiphany where every creation takes a crucial turn.



My Breadth features double sided business cards printed on a thick luxury 400gsm paper. The finish is ultra matte with a contrast raised spot gloss for the white shape on the colour side of the card.



After doing usability testing with the wireframes and website, the topic of accessibility needed to be addressed. Most users like the aesthetics and feel of the website, and have reported good feedback in regards to typography, but some users have complained about readability, font size and font contrast. Also on the home page, users have to do a lot of clicks in order to find the desired image, so from a UX point of view it would be advisable to display thumbnails of all images, instead of a carousel layout. These are some of the changes to be considered for future iterations.